Fall Clinic

The invitation to the fall clinic is attached.

Beginning the 2010-2011 Debate Season!

Hey folks,

The debate season is coming fast.  School is starting across the state and already teams are preparing for the first competition.  In the spirit of that preparation, please observe the following:

Job Annoucement: Debate Office Asst. - Univ of Utah

Department of Communication

Utah Forensics Program

2400 LNCO


801-585-6255 (fax)


Debate Office Assistant (Hourly)

Report to the Co-directors of Forensics

20 hours/week


Job Requirements:

 Support for the Competitive Team

             Manage booking of travel accommodations

Fall Meeting Invitation!

What: The Utah Debate Coaches Association Fall Meeting

Who: All coaches or program advisors

When: August 28h, 2010
            Required Business Session: 9:00 am – Noon
            Lunch: Noon – 12:30

Where: Rowland Hall, Library

Univ. of Utah Designated NIETOC Bid Tournament.

Utah Forensics is proud to announce that the 2010 Beehive Bonanza has been selected as a bid tournament for the 2011 NIETOC to be held in San Antonio, TX on May 13-15, 2011.  To learn more, click here.

Additional details will be available on our website and from the NIETOC as the school year begins.

First Annual Beehive Bonanza and Championship Round Robin @ Univ. of Utah

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Utah Forensics Team and the Department of Communication cordially invite your team to attend the first annual Beehive Bonanza, October 8th and 9th, 2010, on the University of Utah Main Campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. The tournament will feature Student Congress, all three styles of NFL debate (policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and public forum), and six NFL IE events (dramatic interp, humorous interp, duo interp, extemp, oratory, and impromptu).

Univ. of Utah Forensics Summer Workshop

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2010 Utah Forensics Summer Debate Workshop.  The workshop will be held from August 9th thru August 13th.  Students attending may choose between instruction and practice in policy or Lincoln-Douglas Debate.  Likewise, an introductory and advanced lab will be offered in both events.  The workshop will be held at the University of Utah and staffed by coaches and competitors from the Utah Forensics team.  We are confident that this summer’s workshop will offer an attractive combination of value and affordability for interested students.  Please click here (or download the attached file) for details and distribute widely to colleagues and students.  We look forward to your questions, input, and attendance at this year’s workshop.

We also believe that the camp will offer a great opportunity for students thinking of attending the U and participating in forensics to spend time with members of the team, check out the squad's facilities, get information about joining the team, and learn about how to apply for forensics scholarships at the U.  We hope that you will encourage your students thinking about attending college and continuing their forensics participation to consider coming and applying to the U.

Have a great summer.

Spring Meeting & UHSAA Notes

Hello Coaches,

I've attached the minutes, agenda, and notes from last Saturday's UDCA Spring Meeting and some notes from my meeting with the UHSAA yesterday. PLEASE read the information closely as some changes are moving through the ratification process.

The Executive Summary
1. We are still taking nominations for the UDCA Executive Committee - we will formally vote at the Fall Meeting.

You May Now Add Your Tournaments to the Calendar

I know.  It's spring, nationals haven't even passed yet, and you're probably still recovering from the 09-10 season.  Don't let this post ruin whatever attempt you're making to regain your sanity before we begin the next season.  This is merely an invitation for you to announce when you'll be hosting a tournament.  You can do this now... or wait a few months.  With some tournament hosts having to make arrangements for their building as far as a year in advance, you may be prepared to stick your tournament on the calendar.  That being said, the purpose of the post is two-fold - 1. announce the functionality of adding a tournament to the calendar, and 2. explain how to do that.

Welcome to the updated UDCA website

Welcome to the new Utah Debate Coaches Association website. Basically every feature of the site has been retooled to help the community of Utah high school debate run more smoothly. At the same time, this site will be your source for viewing and publishing results of tournaments and showcasing student success.

First, tournaments and tournament results will be added by tournament directors. The process for publishing content has been designed to be simple and fast. All registered users will see some links for "tournament hosting" at the top left of the page. Follow those links to place your tournament on the calendar and post the results of your competition.

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