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The UHSAA and Speech and Debate in Utah

Speech and debate competition in Utah is governed by the Utah High School Activities Association. You can find more information about the rules from the UHSAA website.

UHSAA Region Representatives

Each year the UHSAA selects coaches to organize region tournaments. These will be decided in the spring and will be posted here at that time.

National Debate Leagues

The National Speech & Debate Association

The National Speech & Debate Association is the largest interscholastic speech and debate organization serving middle school, high school, and collegiate students in the United States. It is formerly known as the National Forensic League. More information can be found on the National Speech & Debate Association website. This website also has a list of current district chairs - these are nearby coaches that supervise league activity on a local level including national qualifying tournaments.

The National Catholic Forensic League

The National Catholic Forensic League is an organization originating from the Catholic secondary school community in the United States for the purpose of providing a service to all secondary school students. More information can be found on the National Catholic Forensic League website. The current director of the Salt Lake NCFL League is Moses Baca.


Speech and debate tournaments in Utah must be sanctioned by the UHSAA by the tournament host. Details and forms necessary for sanctioning can be found on the UHSAA website.

Tournament calendar

Tournaments hosts are welcome to post their tournament to the tournament calendar, which can be viewed here. If you want to add an tournament to the calendar, you must be subscribed to utah-debate@googlegroups.com and be logged into a Google account associated with the subscribed email address.

New Coaches

Email list subscription and website access

If you are new to coaching high school debate in Utah, begin by subscribing to the Utah Debate Coaches Association email list. This will also allow you access to restricted areas of the website. If you are not a high school debate coach, just explain your affiliation to Utah debate when you complete your form. Keep in mind, you will receive hundreds of emails throughout the year, so if the email list has little interest to you, it will mostly just be annoying.

Director of professional development

The UDCA also elects a director of professional development, who will assist you by answering questions you may have. If you want to get in touch with the current director of professional development, send an email to contact@utahdebatecoaches.org. The message will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Elementary and Middle School Debate

The UDCA has no explicit role in organizing elementary and middle school debate. For information regarding elementary and middle school debate, please visit utahdebate.org.

Utah Debate Coaches Association

The UDCA is a coalition of speech and debate coaches of Utah High schools. The UDCA works in partnership with the UHSAA to govern interscholastic speech and debate competition in Utah.

UDCA Constitution

Click here to read the UDCA constitution.

UDCA Executive Committee

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Director of Judges: 
Director of Tournaments:
Director of Public Relations: 
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